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Siprem Alcryo 100 Continuous grape cooling system at 10 tons per hour

07 Jul, 2022

If the goal is to produce an excellent white wine, for sure you do not want to get the grape burned!
This is why the Winery Azienda Agricola Roberto Lucarelli decided to protect the white grape from the seasonal heat. After a meticulous hand harvest the grape is conveyed to the Press by the Alcryo 100 cooling tunnel.
By means of this cooling system the grape temperature immediately drops from 31°C (87,8 °F) to 12°C (53,6 °F), without any stress for the berries and adding a huge improvements to the organoleptic characteristics of the must.

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08 Nov, 2022

SIMEI 2022

From 15 to 18 November, Milan will host SIMEI, the International Enological and Bottling Equipment Exhibition. We are waiting for you in HALL 1 at STAND G02 – H09 We will introduce you many innovations such as new pressing systems for many varieties of fruit thanks to our new patent, the Vacuum System OMNIA, and […]

12 Oct, 2022

Continuous Gentle pressing

Did you know Siprem is the only company to offer a machine capable of performing CONTINUOUS GENTLE PRESSING? We are not talking about complicated software systems that simulate continuous pressing, nor are we talking about horizontal screw presses. The Continuous membrane press (PCM) is a patented machine that combines the qualitative advantages of a traditional […]

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