Vinification Machines and Systems

Siprem International is a leading company on the global wine-making market with more than 45 years of experience in designing, building and marketing vinification machines and systems.


Soft pressing, italian technology for quality wines!

With the technological know-how it acquired over the years, the company developed key international patents that led it to market unique innovative wine-making solutions, thereby improving production standards and making flagship products for the sector.

"Vacuum System" Patent

One of the key innovative ideas that stands out is the Vacuum System Press, a new must extraction system that acts with negative pressure, thereby ensuring there is no oxygen and therefore enhancing the quality of the extracted must.

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Innovative Continuous Pressing

The other flagship product is the Continuous Membrane Press, an exclusive machine that can process large amounts of product and therefore deal with high manufacturing needs, thereby adding the quality of a soft membrane pressing.

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Operating in more than 30 countries across the world

Siprem International machines and systems are marketed in the main countries at an international level, both in traditional markets (first of all Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, US) and in emerging wine-making countries (including China, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa). It also penetrated into niche areas like India, Indonesia and Turkey.


A complete range of machines for winemaking, from receiving and selecting the musts, to soft pressing with innovative patents, up to racking, winemaking and washing systems.

Engineering Services and Technical Support

Siprem International also provides a widespread technical consultancy service to expand and renovate existing wineries, as well as to develop new “turnkey” plants where full processing lines will be installed.

⇒ Engineering Services

One of our strong suits is the After-Sales service, a key support tool provided by Siprem to the benefit of the end user of the machinery.

⇒ Technical Support


Siprem International Club

Siprem International Club is an association that brings together the most exclusive, loyal and representative clients of our company. Top-tier clients, universally renowned names that bring prestige to our brand, pursuing – based on a winning synergy – the quality of their famous product thanks to the well-known quality of Siprem International’s range.


Deferrals on payments up to 5 years

We are happy to inform our customers that we have reached an agreement with a lending institution that will allow our investors to take advantage of payment deferrals of up to 5 years on the purchase of new equipment. Please contact us for more information and to find...


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