Optical Sorting Machine for Grape

Optical Air-jet Sorting Machine for Vinification Grapes.

The only system capable of selecting White, Red and Pink Grapes.

Compact size and low power consumption.

Easy to use, with intuitive software.

Easily washable with low water consumption.

Industry 4.0 compatible.

Remote assistance

Technical Data

Careful selection of grapes makes it possible to obtain wines of excellent quality.
Siprem International offers a special line for the selection of the best berries and the timely and precise removal of foreign bodies, such as stalks, leaves, leaf stalks, and insects.
The line consists of a roller sorter for the transport and initial selection of berries, separated from twigs, stalks, seeds and skins by a simple but effective mechanical roller system.
The high-tech optical sorter allows refined selection of both white and red grapes, discarding not only defective berries but also less ripe ones.

The grapes coming out of the destemming machine are distributed on the vibrating belt to feed the belt of the optical unit. The optical sensor detects the various defects (toads, leaves, leaf stalks, insects and foreign bodies) and ejects them with air jet. The good product is discharged directly for further processing into the crushing unit. The optical system also makes it possible to recognize less ripe (differently colored) berries, which can be expelled with the other defects. The defects to be ejected can be set by touch-sceen.


Three sizes models  allow production up to 15 t/h grape. The productivity may be influenced by many factors such as grape variety, state of ripeness, amount of defects, etc..

Model Capacity Belt width
Mod. 50 5 t/h 500 mm
Mod. 100 10 t/h 1000 mm
Mod. 150 15 t/h 1500 mm

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