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The perfect de-juicing unit, easy to use, removes skins and seeds from the wine must during the first stages of processing. The must enters a perforated cylinder that filters solid parts and allows the resulting liquid to run through, which is then collected in the tank below and sent to its destination. The solid parts are extracted by a screw that rotates inside the perforated cylinder and pushes the parts outwards. The machine operates continuously and does not need to be stopped to unload the wine that has been filtered of solid parts.

The de-juicer separates any peel or pips from the wine-must during racking off, with an hourly production flow in the region of 800 hl.

The must enters a perforated cylinder which retains the solid parts and allows the must to filter through to the collector below so it can then be sent to its destination. The solids are extracted by an impeller which rotates in the opposite direction inside the perforated cylinder and are then sent out. This operation runs continuously and does not require stopping in order to remove either the filtered wine or the solid parts discarded. The perforated cylinder is kept clean by special rubber strips that rub up against the cylinder.

Constructed entirely in Aisi 304 stainless steel and mounted on wheels, two of which are steering, the machine top casings can be opened in two halves for cleaning and maintenance.

The equipment has a 100 mm diameter clamp connector for must infeed and a 120 mm diameter outfeed connection

15 Jul, 2020

Used that never last

After 25 years and thousands of tons of grapes passed through it, one of our big boys (360 HL Vacuum System Press) has been overhauled and it’s now ready to work for more and more years. It has just left our warehouse to get to a new customer located overseas. Building strong and reliable machines […]

30 Jun, 2020


To ensure and exalt the organoleptic characteristics of the product since its collection along the vineyard, with the full knowledge that the best features of grapes, if well preserved, will then be passed on to the wine. This is the ‘mission’ that the technical research and development staff has set for itself, achieving the goal […]

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