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Grapes washing line

Grapes washing line for the mining of antiparasitic dregs and of heavy metals. The grape disposed on the belt with stainless steel meshes, goes into a first sector where it is washed with some recovery water, then it goes through a second area where it is rinsed with some water coming from the network. The grape can be drained in a suitable sector (optional) where a fan conveys pressurized air on the grape to eliminate any water residua. The draining process can be facilitated by using a horizontal vibrating and draining table (optional).

13 Jun, 2019

International technical meeting 2019

We spent a few pleasent and instructive days together with our international sales and technical service network. All our mainly worldwide cooperators have met in Siprem in order to be trained and updated on our latest techonologies. Service our machinery is a priority. Siprem believes any of our client shall be confident by using our equipment […]

18 Feb, 2019

Nova estructura organitzativa de Siprem per España

Nueva estructura organizativa de Siprem para España.   Con motivo de la próxima feria Enomaq, nos gustaría presentarles a los representantes de la nueva estructura de asistencia comercial y técnica de Siprem International para el mercado español. Amb motiu de la propera fira Enomaq, ens agradaria presentar als representants de la nova estructura d’assistència comercial […]

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