Soft pressing, italian technology for quality wines!
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Rotating pre-drainer

The machine is conceived for a preliminary separation of must (to an extent of 40-50%) from the bulk of crushed grapes (either being destemmed or not).

Productivity: 30-40 tons/hour for mod. PS/M 40 and 40-50 for mod. PS/M 50.

Cage with lengthened or circle holes and internal extracting screw hosting a brush granting a constant cleaning of the cage itself.

Cage having an opposite sense of rotation with respect to the extracting screw and hosting brushes for the constant cleaning of its external surface.


05 May, 2020


Here at Siprem International we never stopped and neither the general situation of frustration and fear has defeated tenacity and confidence in the future, features that have always encouraged our company. We had to slow down because the health of our people is always the most important thing, but the passion for the job and […]

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