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Continuous draining pressing lines

Lines consisting of two processing stages, with the continuous press located after the draining system. Ideal for high production quantities, designed to get everything possible out of the marc. The wide range of drainers is able to separate the run must with yields in the region of 75%, producing superior quality products with minimal dry extract content.

The capacity of the loading hopper ensures a high level of static draining thanks to its perforated surfaces. The product is fed through the machine by a Maltese cross type non-return device. The line of continual presses

A wide range of drainers able to separate first run must with yields in the region of 75%, high quality and with a minimum content of dry extracts. The loading hopper capacity ensures a high level of static draining thanks to the perforated surfaces that it is made up of. The product is fed forwards by means of a Maltese cross type non-return device. The external diameter of the transfer impeller matches perfectly with the corresponding perforated cylinder, therefore cleaning the inside of the body at the same time. Closing the outlet is controlled by a hydraulically operated door. The hydraulic control box, fitted to the machine fully wired and equipped with a continuous flow regulator, allows the impeller rpm to be adjusted according to the specific working needs. The unit is designed for operation ideally upstream of a continuous press of the same capacity.

A line of continuous presses able to guarantee complete exhaustion of the marc while keeping the skin and stalk intact. The large perforated surfaces that make up the loading hopper ensure a high level of static dejuicing of the first run must while still in the transfer phase. The composite impeller is made in AISI 304 stainless steel while the compression chamber consists of a cage with V-shaped strips and hoops which are also in steel. The hydraulic pump with a variable flow rate is equipped with an adjuster handwheel that optimises the need for electrical power at low rpm. The spacious must collection hopper is designed to contain the product rationally and then send the resulting liquid to its destination. The practical free standing control panel, complete with rev counter and ammeter, give the operator immediate control over all working parameters.

22 Mar, 2023

A Grape washing machine?

Did you know that heavy metals in grapes are dangerous oxidation catalysts and are a source of instability in wines?   It’s important to know that smog and tar residues are often present on the grapes, especially when the vineyards are exposed to air flow from industrialized areas, and are located near long-distance roads. In […]

08 Feb, 2023


From 14 to 17 February 2023 We look forward to seeing you at the Enomaq fair in Zaragoza. We will have on display the very latest model of Vacuum System press mod. Vacuum System OMNIA and other equipment for barriques TECME . The stand will be located in pavilion 4 at number A /24-26

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