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Destemmers and Crushers

The rich range of the Alfa series includes small, medium and large de-stemmer-crusher systems. Functional and reliable, thanks to the extreme versatility in application these systems meet all pre-treatment requirements prior to the pressing stage. Ideal for use with suction, helical rotor or single screw pumps.

Horizontal de-stalking/crushing machines for small capacities. Made entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel, with a crushing unit equipped with external adjustment, in food-compatible rubber. The feed auger located inside the hopper gives ideal product distribution towards the cage-beater assembly. The continuous speed variator can be used to set the unit’s operating parameters, adapting them to the actual working needs. Ideal for combined use with suction, elliptical impeller or single screw pumps.

De-stalking/crushing machine for medium capacities, able to process up to 35 tons of product per hour. Sturdy and compact, it is equipped with the exclusive system for by-passing the different working phases, an innovative design solution that makes it possible to carry out individual operations of de-stalking only, crushing only or simple conveyance of whole grapes, as well as the standard activity of combined de-stalking/crushing. Designed for maximum safety and practicality in use as well as for extremely easy regular cleaning and maintenance, amongst other technical features it has the functional device for optimising the efficiency of the beating unit, completely removable together with the cage, double side guard in two elements, suitable sealing off of transmission parts and washing equipment with four high performance sprayers.

Output capacity 50 tons per hour

The machine is conceived to optimize the destemming process of grapes picked up manually or automatically.
The mechanic construction is conceived to enable quickly the removing of the transmitting group and the horizontal extraction of the destemming shaft and cage.
Such a feature results in an easy cleaning and maintenance of the unit.
The unit enables to crush or not, destem or not.

The ALFA70 HAS an hourly output in the region of 55 – 70 tons. With a sturdy and compact structure which is height adjustable, it offers extremely versatile working processes. The horizontal transfer system of the de-stalking unit, together with the possibility of by-passing the crushing stage, do in fact allow separate functions of de-stalking only, crushing only or the simple transfer of whole grapes, as well as offering conventional de-stalking/crushing.

Adaptation to the different grape characteristics is made possible by adjusting the distance between the beater and cage, while the modular design of the side casing makes it possible to fully access and clean all working components.

Routine maintenance is made easier by the single device for extracting the entire de-stalking unit in one piece from the top.

The top model in the range of de-stalking/crushing machines. Output of 100 tons per hour.

completely made in Stainless steel AISI304.

08 Nov, 2022

SIMEI 2022

From 15 to 18 November, Milan will host SIMEI, the International Enological and Bottling Equipment Exhibition. We are waiting for you in HALL 1 at STAND G02 – H09 We will introduce you many innovations such as new pressing systems for many varieties of fruit thanks to our new patent, the Vacuum System OMNIA, and […]

12 Oct, 2022

Continuous Gentle pressing

Did you know Siprem is the only company to offer a machine capable of performing CONTINUOUS GENTLE PRESSING? We are not talking about complicated software systems that simulate continuous pressing, nor are we talking about horizontal screw presses. The Continuous membrane press (PCM) is a patented machine that combines the qualitative advantages of a traditional […]

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