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Used that never last

15 Jul, 2020

After 25 years and thousands of tons of grapes passed through it, one of our big boys (360 HL Vacuum System Press) has been overhauled and it’s now ready to work for more and more years.
It has just left our warehouse to get to a new customer located overseas.
Building strong and reliable machines is definitely one of the features SIPREM INTERNATIONAL is well-known for.
We got several second-hand and brand new machines in stock, visit the used page and inquiry us.

31 May, 2021

Continuous Gentle pressing

Did you know Siprem is the only company to offer a machine capable of performing CONTINUOUS GENTLE PRESSING? We are not talking about complicated software systems that simulate continuous pressing, nor are we talking about horizontal screw presses. The Continuous membrane press (PCM) is a patented machine that combines the qualitative advantages of a traditional […]

12 Apr, 2021

Second hand equipment added

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