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About us

Siprem International has been a leading company on the international wine-making scene for over 45 years. Indeed the company was relaunched in 1994 and turned the creation of wine-making machinery into its core business.

Its subsequent and increasing specialisation in designing, building and marketing machines and systems led it to position itself on the international stage as a qualified and expert partner and develop units covered by global patents.

Siprem International is not just a technology supplier, but a qualified partner that with an initial thorough consultancy service can provide its clients with a targeted solution.

Our Mission

Develop THE PRODUCT, machinery or system suitable to the specific needs of each INDIVIDUAL CLIENT.

Our winning asset is being right next to wine growers’ side and being able to meet their requests by developing innovative and exclusive machines, whilst keeping an eye on efficiency and costs.

Our Know-how

With our extensive knowledge of the wine-making world we can provide advanced technical consultancy services to develop new “turnkey” plants, as well as expand and renovate existing wineries.

The company’s strong suit is the ability to provide complete solutions to manage the entire process, from the vineyard to the bottle, as well as having qualified technicians to support clients during all the must processing stages.

Our Values

Our daily business is based on three fundamental values: reliability, ongoing innovation and ensuring value over time. Our products are the result of specific expertise and unfading passion that allow us to make sound, exclusive and high-end products where innovation is managed as an integral part of the process at all corporate levels. Ongoing development, creativity and the constant desire to improve led to the creation of that guarantee of solidity for which we stand out in Italy and abroad, where the value and quality of our systems and machines mean tangible results for our clients.

Our Patents

Over the years, Siprem International developed various exclusive patents, unique products with advanced technologies and cutting-edge processes like the “Vacuum System” Press or the Continuous Membrane Press, soft pressing systems that have a unique way of enhancing the quality of the must.

Global scene

Siprem International operates with its machinery in all the main countries across the world, with a widespread presence in areas with a significant wine-making production. It first developed its presence in traditional markets like France, Spain, Greece, the US and then turned towards emerging countries like China, Chile, New Zealand, Australia,
Russia and South Africa, until it penetrated into niche areas like India, Indonesia and Turkey.

Trade Fairs

Siprem International is a regular exhibitor at all the main trade fairs in wine sector, from the International Wine and Bottling Machines Show, held every other year in Milan (SIMEI), to the Vinitech Show in Bordeaux and the international ENOMAQ trade fair devoted to the wine industry held every two years in Spain.

Moreover, we attend events in California, Australia, New Zealand, China, Germany, Greece, Bulgaria and in a number of other countries with international partners and representatives from all over the world.

15 Feb, 2022

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09 Feb, 2022

A Grape washing machine?

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