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Continuous Screw Press PC800




screw diameter 800 mm

Stainless steel propeller.
Star cage, stainless steel rims and strips.
Bottom cage and stainless steel strips, painted steel rings.
Stainless steel casing, hopper and drain holes.
Mechanical reducer with helical tooth gears in oil bath + belt variator.
Hydraulically operated hatch.
Maltese cross in bronze.
New electrical panel.

15 Feb, 2022

TECME INTERNATIONAL NEW WEBSITE the new website of TECME is online. Washing and cleaning systems for your barrels and much more. Over the years, the company has specialized in the design of customized solutions for the reception, transport and processing of grapes, with particular attention to washing and sanitization of  barriques.

09 Feb, 2022

A Grape washing machine?

Did you know that heavy metals in grapes are dangerous oxidation catalysts and are a source of instability in wines?   It’s important to know that smog and tar residues are often present on the grapes, especially when the vineyards are exposed to air flow from industrialized areas, and are located near long-distance roads. In […]

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