Soft pressing, italian technology for quality wines!


CME (2003) productivity 20 tons/h

The machine is conceived for a preliminary separation of must (to an extent of 40-50%) from the bulk of crushed grapes (either being destemmed or not). Productivity up to 60 tons/hour. Drum made of stainless steel plate AISI 304 hosting oval or circular holes. The external surface of the drum is kept constantly clean by […]

SIPREM (2000) 5 tons tank volume

SIPREM (1995)   tank capacity 36 tons

Year 2018 Length 9000 mm Diameter 300 mm Pitch 300 mm

2006 Overhauled and functional. Closed 32 hl tank with central internal membrane and hermetic door.

SIPREM (2007) Capacity 12-16 t/h

SIPREM (2019) Tank 20 hl capacity

SIPREM (2019) Tank 20 hl capacity

year 2019 cooling jackets standard accessories

SIPREM (2017) With Axial feed valve

2018 25 tons/h productivity 5 kW motor with level probe in the hopper without electrical panel

SIPREM (2007) Stainless steel frame kit for must selection inert gas device with recovery system carbonic maceration kit automatic washing system Non-insulated cooling jackets with temperature control system

Mechanical driven Screw diameter mm 800

Milani made in Aisi304 destemming shaft in Aisi 304 with paddles’ head in NBR for food. crusher in Aisi304 with rollers in food rubber.

SIPREM (2009) automatic washing system Raising legs

TECME Although great strides have been made in recent years in terms of respect for the newly harvested grape, mechanical harvesting continues to present a number of negative aspects. One of these is the loss of must from inside the berries, exacerbated by the length of time that passes between harvest and delivery to the […]

on wheels, included of: – inverter and cable remote control – Power Kw 2,2 – Capacity 12 – 200 Hl/h – DIN50 fittings with hose connector 380 V 3 Ph 50 Hz

Enos sold as seen

SIPREM Functional and guaranteed. – DEJUICER SG mechanical. Cage, rings, draining screen, juice collecting hopper made in Stainless steel. hydraulic controlled door. – SCREW PRESS, mechanical. trapezoidal bars cage, guards, juice collecting hopper, screen rings and screw made in Stainless steel. ‘Malta’ Screw made in oenological bronze. Hermetic controlled door. Control board

De Silla Pre-dejuicer with stainless steel rotating cage, with stainless steel internal spiral with cage. – enamelled trough and other parts in contact with the product – working capacity: 40-45 tons/h – installed power: 0,5 kW Indicative dimensions: mm 2000 x 800 x h 2000 -Only for white grapes-

Ometto (2004) 30 tons/h. With shifting rolls (crush – not crush)


SIPREM (2015) Composed by: – HORIZONTAL VIBRATING TABLE (cm 300 x 100 x h 180) – ELEVATING BELT (cm 550 x 100 x h 265/365) – ELECTRIC BOARD WITH STAND (with relative inverters)

SIPREM (2011) Built in stainless steel, with conveying hinges belt, mm 8500 x 300; 35° Inclination; kW 1,1 engine.