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Washing systems by introducing the nozzle from the bottom. Solutions for all the exigencies, from the easiest Rotowash to the practical Slim B to the most versatile Rotoklin 1 Combi which permits to wash barrels and tonneaux.



For barrels of  225-300 litres. Discharge of water on the ground.


For barrels of  225-300 litres.

Basin for water collection, power panel with safety timer and safety micro-switch.

In Combi version, there is the possibility of washing even tonneaux up to 500 lt

15 Jul, 2020

Used that never last

After 25 years and thousands of tons of grapes passed through it, one of our big boys (360 HL Vacuum System Press) has been overhauled and it’s now ready to work for more and more years. It has just left our warehouse to get to a new customer located overseas. Building strong and reliable machines […]

30 Jun, 2020


To ensure and exalt the organoleptic characteristics of the product since its collection along the vineyard, with the full knowledge that the best features of grapes, if well preserved, will then be passed on to the wine. This is the ‘mission’ that the technical research and development staff has set for itself, achieving the goal […]

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