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Vacuum System Presses – Gas Technology

The Technology

The first vacuum presses were invented as a patented system in the early 90’s. They were designed to reduce to a minimum the contact between air and the item being pressed. The innovative concept then developed through the years, leading to cutting-edge solutions in terms of environmental compatibility and energy savings. Perhaps the most important aspect though is the ability to work with inert gases, recycling them by means of the aerial storing tank (patented system) for a technique which siprem international has become a worldwide specialist in.

The Difference

With traditional presses, working with gases leads to irresolvable problems for the work method, due to instantaneous flow rates and often  inadequate systems. This leads to the amount of gas blown on the inside being insufficient to cover the actual needs, creating dangerous, uncontrollable mixes of air and gas, with oxygen percentages that are well over the 2% limit set by the protocol, and thus making the work entirely wasted, including from  an economic standpoint.

Green Technology

GREEN LEAVE GREEN PLANETThe last stage in the development of inert gases associated with Vacuum System technology consists of the option to use the carbon dioxide generated by the fermentation processes. The use of this fluid, available in the cellar in unlimited quantities and totally free, allows for a considerable reduction in operating costs and a significantly simplified management process. It also enhances the concept of environmental compatibility and energy savings from the system.

Our Strengths

  • The Vacuum System ensures complete product inertisation, thanks to which dangerous pockets of air in the workplace are completely removed
  • There is no limit to the use of inert gases (nitrogen, CO2, helium, CO2/nitrogen, mixes, etc.)
  • No particular structures are necessary to support the gas container
  • The safety valve eliminates the risk of any overpressure in the gas container
  • The PLC controls the management of gas flows in the various directions, ensuring an efficient system
  • Inside the press, gas is always handled through suction, without the use of thrust devices  that may introduce harmful substances to the grapes (metals, graphite or oil)
  • Gas retrieval from the press to the container takes place before the juice is extracted and never at the same time. This cuts any gas pollution down to the utmost minimum and avoids any excess consumption caused by operation of the must drainage pump.
  • Option to automatically wash and sanitise the container and the relevant piping
  •  Versatile management program that allows you to select:
    1. total press inertisation prior to loading the grapes
    2. blowing the gas in the loading phase during rotation
    3. option to use the gas during the entire pressing process or limited to the initial phases (flower)


28 Apr, 2023


From May3 to May 5 we will be exhibiting at the international Show in Rimini, Macfrut. We will show our latest model the Vacuum System Omnia, our new patented system specific for fruit pressing. Pass by to say hi at hall3, booth 025

22 Mar, 2023

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